What’s tickling you?

It’s been very difficult to visit Wayne and find him, eyes closed and rather unresponsive.

Yesterday I had to coax him to open his eyes and once he did, the happiness started. He laughed at anything and anyone. It was a laugh such as after a funny joke.

After lunch, usually he sleeps but was still stoked with happiness. Makes for a good sleep for me!

Sail Along Silvery Moon – – –

Amazing how time sails along, days, months, years!

Many times I have tried to write a note on this blog and just close the IPad feeling there is no way to express my ideas.

We are still here, sailing thru time as thru a fog of unacceptance.

Wayne declines and I roar inside – protesting Alzheiers grip on our lives.

I visit every second day now and my sister goes weekly – it’s a mental break from sadness.

All is not sad though – last week,after I brushed his teeth, he said, “Thank you” as clearly as can be.

My heart jumps to hear his voice again – been a long time coming.


So Pretty has been released from the bonds of Alzheimers. (This post is not referring to Wayne)

One day I walked onto the ward and Pretty came up to me, eyes sparkling. He pointed to my necklace and said, “Pretty.”

I was amazed as he rarely spoke a word.

Although his speech was lost, his big smiled never failed to great me.

The nurses told me he always liked pretty things and even used to call a uniform pretty if he so deemed it to be:)

Fly free, Pretty, and thanks for sweet memories.

I don’t know where to begin this post – the days seem so empty, futile. long and sad – and that’s for me. Can you imagine how difficult the days are for Wayne? Hopefully he is unaware of the situation.

Surprisingly, he toils on this journey while many pass before him. I don’t know if it’s because he was so incredibly fit or maybe his wonderful personality bouys him daily – or his faith.

Missed posting but I could not pick up the pen – so to speak.

I will try to read your blogs over the next week as I guess I’m back in the saddle – hanging on tight, though, in case I get bucked off:) Love to all you faithful readers.