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30th April
written by JeanMac

Monday, during my visit with Wayne, I had been taking pictures of him and having lots of laughs.

The camera was at my right hand on the table when Wayne began to sing ever so softly. It sounded like a wee child singing Jesus Loves Me and although I couldn’t make out the words, he definitely was singing to that tune.

Without alarming him, I tried to change my camera to video and just as I did, he stopped singing. My heart hasn’t stopped singing.

The reason this is so special to me, a story he told me when he was about 55 years of age. His elementary teacher told him to not sing as he couldn’t sing so don’t try. I could have fainted to hear this and it’s been a sad piece of his history. I was so happy he “overcame” her judgement and I’d love to tell her.

6th April
written by JeanMac

We have been through very difficult weeks but the last 6 days have been filled with joy and happiness.

It’s such a treat to see Wayne laugh and smile and “enjoy his own jokes”.

A year ago I gave away all his stuffed animals -they were large and wonderful but he no longer responded to them. Thought some child should have them so donated all of them.Just on a whim, I bought a medium sized bright yellow rabbit. He loved it.

After stroking it and loving it for an hour, it was lunch time.

I saw him striking the dining room table speaking – paying closer attention,I heard him “talking” to Buddy his cat.
“You’re a good boy,yes, you are. You’re a really good boy.”

Every night Wayne would stroke Buddy and talk to him before sending him to his blanket at the foot of the bed.

Broke my heart in a way and yet, maybe Wayne was comforted and did feel and see Buddy.

When I upload my pics, I’ll post Wayne’s picture of happiness!

24th March
written by JeanMac

So I haven’t been posting cause it’s been too difficult but finally decided to give it a try.

Unable to log in. Again, again.

Several attempts later I phone our older son, “Help!!!!”

He creates a new PW and it works – fancy that!

So tomorrow I will post providing I can log in:)

23rd January
written by JeanMac

All the staff who work on Wayne’s unit are angels but there are special angels among them.

One team (an LPN and care aide) can bathe Wayne so wonderfully that he does not require pre-med.

I stood outside the bathing room and listened – he was laughing and having a good time instead of being so stressed that I could not bare it.

They joke and give him stuff to “play with” in the water.

There was absolutely no resistance during the process until it was time to rinse his hair.

“Hey,, what’s going on. Hey, hey, no, no”.

“All done, Wayne.”

And it was over – - -

13th January
written by JeanMac

So Wayne has a lovely wedding band, yellow gold with 3 diamonds.

For years he wore it in the care home. Often wondered if he would lose it but things went well til November 2012.

He started taking it off and kind of “fiddling” with it. Care aides would find it in clothes or on the floor.

One day a kitchen worker heard a “ping” and Wayne’s ring flew out of his hand and landed in the stainless sink she was working at.

The staff gave it to me when I arrived and I decided to take it home. He seemed not to notice.

Now, over a year later, he is pulling on his ring finger til I fear he will do damage. I guess the answer is to buy him a cheap ring and save his finger!