Arm Yourself With Knowledge

Writing about our life is very difficult because I didn’t know where to start. Hope I can give some info about what I’ve learned “the hard way” – for there were surprises around every corner – heartaches and happiness. We never ever knew where the path would lead us daily.

It’s crucial to arm yourself with every bit of info possible. I asked the library to order in every book they had on Alzheimer’s. A tidbit here and there from each book.
I surfed for web sites and will eventually post several excellent ones in the links. Googled for blogs about Alzheimer’s and found a fountain of info.

Write out questions to ask your medical doctor and geriatric MD specialist. Each doctor will have his/her own approach to dealing with the disease. Only you can make decisions after you have all the facts. I always go to our sons and others in my family to ask their opinions when “biggies” come up.

If it works for you, go to caregiver meetings. Each person has different approaches to dealing with their very new life.

***Something I did early in the journey is to tell people to please give me lots of feedback and ideas. Also told them that I may not agree or use their idea, but each one is appreciated.***

(Photo credit to my brother)