Suggestions and Observations

(1) Nutrition is important, quality nutrition. We have our share of “baddies” but overall try to excel in this aspect of our lives.

(2) Try to maintain medical/dental visits. It’s not easy! Something I do is go in the op with my Hon so he feels safe and comfortable. Our MD has even come out to the reception area and said, “Come on in” and Hon turns to me and says “What, me? Not me”. I tell him it’s the only way Dr.D. will be paid for writing the prescriptions (which is true). Then he relents. Have to say he is always happy once he’s in the op but then Dr. D. is so great and treats him so well.

(3) Clothes – “clothes make the Man” – I keep his clothes in perfect shape – iron things so he looks great. It’s important he presents well. Make sure he has everything he needs and more!

(4) Gently guide in matters of personal hygiene. This is so difficult an area but again, it’s so important. It is not easy and use whatever you have to for persuasion to “get the job done”.

(5) Always include him in family news and discussions – This is a gray area for if there is sad news I may not tell him til absolutely necessary. But, I never would let him learn from someone else.

(6) Exercise – a walk – my biggest challenge to get him to go.

(7) Humor – I’m lucky my Man has a great sense of humor still present today.

(8) Always tell him you love him and show you love him.

(9) Socialize but only with people who treat him “as before” and with whom he is comfortable! And you will know.