The Miracle of Aricept – For Us

(We were give a prescription for Aricept on January 9, 2004)
It took a bit before we finally were offered Aricept. In our case it was delayed til results from all the scans, blood work and other tests came back. Due to his young age (58), there was a caution to not rush to diagnosis.

Aricept proved to be a miracle for us. It does not cure or stop Alzheimer’s but it slows the progress of symptoms. In less than 2 weeks life was dramatically better.

Some people choose to not take any of the medications, preferring to let life unfold. For others, it is not an option as it is very expensive. Sadly, for some, their body reacts badly and they have to stop taking it.

Our only problem was vicious night mares – so bad that I came close to stopping the med for him. But it helped so much otherwise that I persevered and after about 15 months they eased. Fatigue is a significant side effect – Aricept does not cause sleepiness.

Everyone has to decide what is best for the patient. My feeling was that it helped so much except for nightmares that I worked around that.

There is a good website with lots of info – of course, they make Aricept but I feel it’s worth a read if you have anyone in your circle who has/ may have Alzheimer’s.

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  1. Good heavens, he was 58 when diagnosed and around 55 when the symptoms started! What a long and difficult road for both of you.

    Thanks for sharing it.

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