"I Want to Go Home" – June 2004

So it’s June 2004 and we had phoned friends in Nova Scotia. After saying goodbye, he looked at me and said, “I want to go home.” In 39 years of marriage he had never used that expression – and he “went home” about every 4 years in the past.

An hour later we were booked to fly East on September 10/04 – I didn’t wait for Monday to ask if I could have the time off – there was no question – we had to go. Fortunately my boss was very willing to let me have the time.

*****It must be said to clarify any misunderstandings, no one knew of our plans, took us, paid for us or helped us in our plans to go.*****

*****Sad to say, My Man hasn’t had all the support he could from people who should support him, but that is a story to be told in future posts.*****