"Jasper, Here We Come" – One Last Time – 09/04

Years ago I suggested to the in-laws that we should meet in Jasper for a May long weekend reunion. Everyone agreed and we went for 5 or 6 years. Stayed at the Tekarra private cabins.

We had a favorite cabin we always booked. Wonderful memories for us. This pic could be our cabin – sure looks like it. Wonderfully cozy.

So, being I could see things were changing rather quickly, I decided a get away to our favorite spot was a good idea. We called and booked. Jasper, here we come.

*****Again, this was solely our undertaking and no one else was involved. We planned, booked and paid by Mastercard – no one booked for us, knew about it or paid for us, helped in any way or knew of our plans.*****