"What a Brilliant Idea, Hon" (09/01)

We dropped the little CRX off at the body shop for it’s new paint job.
Excited, we carried on to the States for our week’s holiday. On the way home, we’d drop in and get our car. Not a care in our world.

After our holiday, we picked the car up. Sweet – all pretty. To celebrate our holiday, new paint job and for no reason, we decided to eat at a new restaurant before heading home.

I arrived at the parking lot – he was not there. A bit alarmed, I ran through the shopping center lot looking for our car. Back to the restaurant – even looked inside although he wouldn’t be inside if the car were not there. (Back then we didn’t have cells)

Waited about 1/2 hour and headed home, bewildered and worried.

Walk in and he’s sitting in his chair, calmly reading a book. All smiles and happy to see me. A light tap on my shoulder reminded me to respond with love. I asked him why he didn’t meet me at the restaurant. He was totally confused and didn’t remember our conversation.

Again, no flags went up. Inside, I fumed but thank goodness no words of anger.