Me first, Me first – – – –

Sometimes I’d swear I’m going back to grade one to listen and observe on the ward.

There is a delightful fellow (relatively young) who really, really wants his plate served first.

Most of the time he wins but if he does not, there is a sulk and he quietly slips back to his room returning after a long enough time to have saved face.

Anyway, it’s so sweet as his eyes get big and he gets the most pleading, smiling continence. Often he joins us at Wayne’s table and I make a bet with myself if he will win. I really should bet if he’ll ask as he always does:)

5 thoughts on “Me first, Me first – – – –”

  1. Glad to see several cheerful posts in a row. It seems that Wayne is settling in well.

    The episode with the glasses reminded me; with Mom, it was her teeth. We never found where she hid them. And she so hated the trips to the dentist to have them replaced!

  2. Would anyone else object if this fellow was to be served first? It looks like that would be an easy solution. My guess is that you have a million stories not yet told:)

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