Remembering and Honoring the Man

It always touches me when a person says, “So how’s Wayne doing?”

We both know he will never “heal or get better” but the mere fact he has a name and is remembered by name just makes my heart swell with joy and thanksgiving.

Some people have never met Wayne but he’s still “one of us” – that is so wonderful.

Usually I’m OK talking about him and his condition but the other day after inquiring about Wayne, the person asked how long we have been married.

I couldn’t talk at first and then croaked out 48 years before succumbing to tears which overflowed.

I felt sorrier for her than for me as she felt badly but after regaining my composure, assured her it was a wonderful question:)

Always remember.

This applies also to families suffering illness of a loved one – we tend to shy away from asking but it’s important that person is remembered in conversation – however difficult at the time.

5 thoughts on “Remembering and Honoring the Man”

  1. What a lovely point, Jean!
    Love how you and Wayne still discover impromptu comings together, even for a moment.
    …and, your telling of his pre-flight check brought tears to my eyes.


  2. The unexpected questions are always there, good or bad, you have managed so well for a lot of years. Hope you and Wayne share a memory this Thanksgiving season.

  3. Even after they pass – sometimes they give you a month or two and you are supposed to be done mourning and they never talk about that person again. I think grief is hard. I am glad you have had 48 years together. Sandie

  4. You have honored every vow to Wayne that you spoke to each other on your wedding day. God bless you and your sweet heart that daily serves the man you love.

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