Was feeding Wayne yesterday when he refused the food, sat and stared at me.

It was exactly like we do when we think or do know someone and the wheels are going.

“It’s me, Jean, your wife. Wayne and Jean and Brian and Mark.”

He focused a bit and then smiled enough to light up the ward.

“I love you.”

(Again, we were sitting with the cop and his wife and he just marveled. Told Wayne he loved his big smile.He hasn’t spoken those words in awhile. “Merry Christmas to me:)

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  1. Hi Jean…Yes, Merry Christmas to you hearing those precious words. I often visit to check on you and Wayne, but don’t always leave a comment.

    I wrote about our family;s experience with my Dad’s Alzheimer’s for the four years he was in the nursing home. He died this past August and was interred with full military honors at Riverside National Cemetery in September. Mom and Dad had been married 68 years.

    God Bless you and continue to give you peace and strength. Take each day as it comes…we used to treat our visits like sunny, rainy or stormy days…but were grateful when it was good and sought out one another, friends, prayer for the not so good visits…

    My Mom and I joined support groups and it was so very helpful. It helps so much to have that support and understanding and be supportive to those in the various phases of this horrific disease.

    All my best to you…((((((((BIG HUGS))))))))) and (((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))) to Wayne too.

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