Ring a ding ding – – –

So Wayne has a lovely wedding band, yellow gold with 3 diamonds.

For years he wore it in the care home. Often wondered if he would lose it but things went well til November 2012.

He started taking it off and kind of “fiddling” with it. Care aides would find it in clothes or on the floor.

One day a kitchen worker heard a “ping” and Wayne’s ring flew out of his hand and landed in the stainless sink she was working at.

The staff gave it to me when I arrived and I decided to take it home. He seemed not to notice.

Now, over a year later, he is pulling on his ring finger til I fear he will do damage. I guess the answer is to buy him a cheap ring and save his finger!

8 thoughts on “Ring a ding ding – – –”

  1. If he is used to wearing something for 48 years, then he probably does notice that something is missing. The feel of his finger is different. I think the purchase of a cheap ring is a good idea, it’s the feel, not the look is what he’s missing. You are SO in tune with him Jean. This disease has him, but love is hard to kill, on both sides!

  2. Sounds like a perfect solution–you solve his missing the ring, and yet you get to keep the wonderful ring that is testament to your great love.

  3. I agree with the cheap ring. I would be inclined to see if his ring can be re-sized enough to fit you. If not, get a chain and wear it around your heart.

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