Angels and then Special Angels

All the staff who work on Wayne’s unit are angels but there are special angels among them.

One team (an LPN and care aide) can bathe Wayne so wonderfully that he does not require pre-med.

I stood outside the bathing room and listened – he was laughing and having a good time instead of being so stressed that I could not bare it.

They joke and give him stuff to “play with” in the water.

There was absolutely no resistance during the process until it was time to rinse his hair.

“Hey,, what’s going on. Hey, hey, no, no”.

“All done, Wayne.”

And it was over – – –

6 thoughts on “Angels and then Special Angels”

  1. Like Sandy, I showed up before there was content and it filled me with unease. Glad to read the story and glad Wayne was able to be coaxed into a nice bath by some of his angels.

  2. Such staff people are indeed special angels.
    That is a real talent–to care for someone who can be easily upset due to the effects of AD, and to keep him distracted and amused.

  3. I do believe these people must be angels to be able to do this job day after day. So happy that you have found them.

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