We have been through very difficult weeks but the last 6 days have been filled with joy and happiness.

It’s such a treat to see Wayne laugh and smile and “enjoy his own jokes”.

A year ago I gave away all his stuffed animals -they were large and wonderful but he no longer responded to them. Thought some child should have them so donated all of them.Just on a whim, I bought a medium sized bright yellow rabbit. He loved it.

After stroking it and loving it for an hour, it was lunch time.

I saw him striking the dining room table speaking – paying closer attention,I heard him “talking” to Buddy his cat.
“You’re a good boy,yes, you are. You’re a really good boy.”

Every night Wayne would stroke Buddy and talk to him before sending him to his blanket at the foot of the bed.

Broke my heart in a way and yet, maybe Wayne was comforted and did feel and see Buddy.

When I upload my pics, I’ll post Wayne’s picture of happiness!

9 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. I remember how much he loved Buddy – I am sure he is happy and thinking that is Buddy – I am so glad for him. Gosh you have such patience.

  2. It has been such a long time since we have heard from you. Glad there has been some sunshine days for you and Wayne, know there are many hard ones you just don’t share. I too remember how he loved Buddy.

  3. Oh sure, we all remember Buddy and W’s relationship with him. In his mind’s eye he must have felt the same feelings stroking the bunny as he did with Buddy. Sweet, sweet!

  4. I wait and wait for a post and then I get here 3 days late!! Sorry about that.

    I am sure you meant yellow rabbit. It’s good that Wayne remembers his cat so fondly.

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