Pot calling kettle black:)

There are so many personalities and residents in various stages of Alzheimer’s on Wayne’s ward.

As I was feeding Wayne yesterday I heard, “Why don’t you comb your hair?”

No answer.

“Why don’t you comb your hair?”

No answer.

I turned to see Madam “talking” to a very bald man sitting across from her. He didn’t respond and looked right thru her.

It is sadly humorous as he had no hair and hers wasn’t combed!

Please understand I’m not laughing at them but this type conversation gives me a chuckle inside.

5 thoughts on “Pot calling kettle black:)”

  1. My mom visits my dad every day at the ALF, and there’s one lady who always sits in a chair right next to the door of the common room. She always calls out, “Tom(my dad)! Your Mama’s here!” It always gives my mom a smile. You gotta take your humor where you can find it these days!

  2. Oh I agree with the other comments. You have to chuckle!

    I remember after my Mom had her stroke (not quite the same as Alz, but her memory was going little by little), walking into her kitchen and opening the microwave to heat up a cup of coffee for her – well you can imagine my surprise when I discovered a bunch of bananas in the microwave! I laughed, but poor Mom didn’t know any better. And I guess Dad (who was fine at that time) hadn’t caught her innocent mistake.

    Hugs, Jean and one for Wayne too and baldy and messy hair. LOL

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