He demanded/ordered, “get me my beer”.

The care aide cheerfully answered, “Coming right up.”

I smiled to myself thinking they were serving him root beer or some such.

No way, a real beer!

I was new to the care home game and later asked her about it.

“He lost his hearing in Normandy and is basically deaf. The doctor felt a beer is the least we could do to give him some little piece of the past.”

Actually, I learned later that any resident may have any beer or hard liquor which is kept in the drug room.

One Fathers Day we were enjoying a wonderful steak BBQ. I bought Wayne a glass of wine – he no longer liked it!

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  1. I agree – why not give them some beer or wine once in a while?
    Too bad Wayne can’t enjoy wine any longer. Strange, I’ve lost my taste for it too.

  2. Well I think it sounds like a great place where he is… considering. I mean that is pretty loose. Funny he doesn’t like wine anymore.

  3. I think this is wonderful. I truly believe my aunt would have lived much longer if only she could have continued her nightly glass of wine in the nursing home. They would not allow it.

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