On Wednesday Wayne fell 2 times in his room – they don’t know if he slips off the bed or falls walking.

Anyway, his left eye had a bruise starting and both cheeks had 5″ red bruising – how much more must he endure?

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  1. Balance is something we take for granted–but it is really a series of interactions. Perhaps the destruction that AD inflicts also affects things like balance.
    Hope he heals quickly, and experiences little or no pain.

  2. I hate to even suggest this – but can’t they belt him in a wheel chair. They had to my mom and it was devastating to us both – but what can you do? I am so sorry. You are both in pain.

  3. What a nasty scare! Hopefully a viable solution will be discovered before this happens again and he breaks any bones. (This happened to my own mother, so I understand your distress.) Hugs!

  4. Oh I hope this is a temporary setback. I’m sure the staff will be looking for reasons for this new problem. Thoughts with you.

  5. Oh, I am sorry about that. I hope his bed has rails and maybe they can belt him into his chair. My aunt had to be belted in; otherwise, she slipped down in the chair until she fell out.

    Hope he heals quickly.

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