Mama Goose

Yesterday I visited Wayne. When it was time for a little walk, I stood him up and let him get his balance. He put his arms around me, looked me in the eyes and said very lovingly, “Goose”.

I have read how AD patients can’t “find” the word they want to say. This may have been the case here:)

8 thoughts on “Mama Goose”

  1. Jean–I love it! Oh, maybe the word “goose” didn’t seem appropriate or really fit (especially if it was never a word of endearment you used…e.g. you silly goose). But that he said it LOVINGLY while looking directly at you! Just insert the word he might have used, had he been able to haul it out of memory.

  2. A good day is when you have direct eye contact with the man you love, and his arms are around you. A moment frozen in time that you’ll remember on darker days.

  3. Such a lovely caressing word….goose….and lovely tactile sharing there…when words fail……the meaning can just be gently transported to that intended other….Love Chris

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