We are family

The nurses, support staff and caregivers are all family to me and to the residents.

One gal took a position which would not entail the labor of Wayne’s unit. After 2 weeks I was delighted to see her. She missed “her family” and came back to work on Wayne’s ward.

One bleak period a few weeks ago, I called the nurses’ station.

“Feeling ill today. How is Wayne. I don’t thin I can make it.”

“Sorry your ill, Jean.”

A chorus of take cares, get well and hi Jeans sang in the background. The RN said the girls are all wishing you well.

Take about loving staff.

4 thoughts on “We are family”

  1. Wow, you just don’t hear good news like this much anymore. They must really love what they do!
    … I’m happy to hear you were on the receiving end of their good tidings!

  2. I think they realize they need to love and boost family members to help keep them going. It’s a tough job you’re doing…all in the name of love.

  3. How wonderful that they all know you and miss you when you aren’t there. The frequent visits are important for Wayne and you, but also important for them to see you there. He will get better care because of it.

    Hope you are feeling better by now.

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