Wayne has been falling in his room.

When I visited yesterday he had an angry red bruise from high in his hairline to the lower right jaw.

By the time I got there, he had been given meds for pain so was fast asleep – I sat for a bit.
Checked in later at bedtime and the RN said they built a cocoon of bed pillows around him hoping that would keep him safe. the pillows were tucked under fitted sheets.

This morn when I called, all was well. I am leaving shortly to sit with him.

Thank you, all of you, for your never ending support.

7 thoughts on “Falling”

  1. Oh, surely they have bed rails. Don’t they? They should! If not, you can buy them at places like Sears and even they would help better than pillows under the sheets. I am so sorry that is happening.

  2. Is his coordination off more all of a sudden? Bed rails and the pillows should help, and make him feel more secure too.

  3. This really interests me. My step-mom has Parkinson’s with attendant dementia. She has terrible problems with balance. Several times, she has fallen out of bed. Most recently, when she fell, my 95 year old father tried to catch her (from behind). That caused him to fall on his spine, and get somewhat banged up.
    The sheltered care facility where they live has put in a side rail for her on one side. But then she next fell out of bed on the OTHER side. I suspect some of this is due to her restlessness when sleeping.
    Even when she is awake, her balance is almost completely gone. If she starts to fall, she simply cannot right herself.
    What mysteries go on in our brains?

  4. I know that the ability of medical providers to restrain a patient is very limited. I don’t know if bed rails are no longer permitted like so many other securing devices. This has to worry you so much, never knowing what news you will get each new day. Bless, bless, bless both of your hearts.

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