Sail Along Silvery Moon – – –

Amazing how time sails along, days, months, years!

Many times I have tried to write a note on this blog and just close the IPad feeling there is no way to express my ideas.

We are still here, sailing thru time as thru a fog of unacceptance.

Wayne declines and I roar inside – protesting Alzheiers grip on our lives.

I visit every second day now and my sister goes weekly – it’s a mental break from sadness.

All is not sad though – last week,after I brushed his teeth, he said, “Thank you” as clearly as can be.

My heart jumps to hear his voice again – been a long time coming.

4 thoughts on “Sail Along Silvery Moon – – –”

  1. Jean, it’s good to see a post from you. A part of me was hoping that Wayne had been released from this horrible disease, and that was the cause of your silence. I am glad that you are still managing to have some lighter moments together, despite the difficult situation. My dad passed away last year, ten years after his diagnosis. My mom cared for him, with help from my sisters and me. It is just the hardest disease ever, especially when it goes on and on. I pray for peace for you and Wayne, Jean. Take good care of yourself, and know that you are in my thoughts.

  2. Time does fly on, and we can’t do a thing about it. I know the feeling all too well. We want the awful situation gone, but that would mean our dear loved-one gone as well. Unacceptable. And heartbreaking.

    I know how you long to hear his voice and feel the “old Wayne” back again. Those fleeting moments are to keep you sane, I think. Treasure them.

    I think of you often Jean. Sending hugs and prayers your way.

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