Forever Loved

Wayne August 11, 1941 – February 24, 2017
Forever Loved


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  1. I know he was a great guy from your description . It has been a long journey and a down hill one in this awful disease. I will remember your journey because my husband is beginning his journey. I’m not looking forward to it, but you have helped. I admire how you took care of him. Thanks for sharing the end of his struggle.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank-you so much for sharing your journey on this blog. It meant a lot to me over the years as my father also had alzheimers. May peace be with you.

  3. My heart is broken into bits for you. Wayne is at peace and hopefully you too are at peace after such a long time living with Alzheimer’s Disease. Many of us made this journey with you and felt the hero that you are and felt the memory of who Wayne was before. We know he was Forever Loved by you.

  4. Oh, Jean, I am so sorry to hear of Wayne’s passing. No man was better loved or cared for, for all these long years. You’re a warrior, Jean, and you have more than earned your rest. Sending prayers and good thoughts to you and your family. Love, Laura

  5. Oh Jean – my heart is breaking for you. I am so sorry to hear this sad news. The depth of your grief reflects the depth of your love and I know well how difficult this path is to walk.

    Sending lots of love and prayers your way. You are not alone, Jean and all I can tell you at this point is to let your feelings out. Grieve, cry, rant and rage, and at some point you will find peace in your soul.

    A chapter in your life is done – and another just beginning. Be gentle with yourself and remember that Love does not die. The bond you share with Wayne is still there – and always will be.

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