I don’t know where to begin this post – the days seem so empty, futile. long and sad – and that’s for me. Can you imagine how difficult the days are for Wayne? Hopefully he is unaware of the situation.

Surprisingly, he toils on this journey while many pass before him. I don’t know if it’s because he was so incredibly fit or maybe his wonderful personality bouys him daily – or his faith.

Missed posting but I could not pick up the pen – so to speak.

I will try to read your blogs over the next week as I guess I’m back in the saddle – hanging on tight, though, in case I get bucked off:) Love to all you faithful readers.

An angel named – – – Christine, RN

So I walked onto the ward to find Wayne wearing headphones and listening to Chopin!

Christine, the RN on, had brought her IPad with tunes loaded.

It seemed to really have a calming effect.

I offered to buy a headset but she declined.

What is kind of cute, years ago, if I had classical music on, he did not enjoy it – to say the least:)

bless your heart,Christine.

We “got” rhythm – – –

I was walking Wayne around the ward and he “slowed” almost to a stop.

Usually I hold his one hand and away we go.

It works well to face him and hold both his hands as I walk backwards.

A catchy tune by Anne Murray came on and he bent his knees and tried to swing my arms as if dancing.

Still got rhythm, Dear One!


Wayne has been falling in his room.

When I visited yesterday he had an angry red bruise from high in his hairline to the lower right jaw.

By the time I got there, he had been given meds for pain so was fast asleep – I sat for a bit.
Checked in later at bedtime and the RN said they built a cocoon of bed pillows around him hoping that would keep him safe. the pillows were tucked under fitted sheets.

This morn when I called, all was well. I am leaving shortly to sit with him.

Thank you, all of you, for your never ending support.