It’s a dilly:)


Years ago, Wayne loved dills and would snack on them as he waited for his meal.

How things change – – –

Yesterday I offered him a bite of my dill (from a deli sandwich). He crunched off a piece and squirmed, wiggled and made all kinds of noises. I told him to spit it out – should have said to eat it as often his brain works in reverse.

Anyway, he chewed it like crazy, finally swallowed it and said, “Oh, man!”

I won’t do that again.


Last evening I decided to read thru my day timer from 2005.

There was much joy, sadness and extreme loneliness.

Some entries were so humorous as he was quite witty yet – others, not so much.

I think I’ll post some – the good, the happy and the not so happy.

(Wayne was admitted November 2009)

We are family

The nurses, support staff and caregivers are all family to me and to the residents.

One gal took a position which would not entail the labor of Wayne’s unit. After 2 weeks I was delighted to see her. She missed “her family” and came back to work on Wayne’s ward.

One bleak period a few weeks ago, I called the nurses’ station.

“Feeling ill today. How is Wayne. I don’t thin I can make it.”

“Sorry your ill, Jean.”

A chorus of take cares, get well and hi Jeans sang in the background. The RN said the girls are all wishing you well.

Take about loving staff.