"Jasper, Here We Come" – One Last Time – 09/04

Years ago I suggested to the in-laws that we should meet in Jasper for a May long weekend reunion. Everyone agreed and we went for 5 or 6 years. Stayed at the Tekarra private cabins.

We had a favorite cabin we always booked. Wonderful memories for us. This pic could be our cabin – sure looks like it. Wonderfully cozy.

So, being I could see things were changing rather quickly, I decided a get away to our favorite spot was a good idea. We called and booked. Jasper, here we come.

*****Again, this was solely our undertaking and no one else was involved. We planned, booked and paid by Mastercard – no one booked for us, knew about it or paid for us, helped in any way or knew of our plans.*****

"What a Brilliant Idea, Hon" (09/01)

We dropped the little CRX off at the body shop for it’s new paint job.
Excited, we carried on to the States for our week’s holiday. On the way home, we’d drop in and get our car. Not a care in our world.

After our holiday, we picked the car up. Sweet – all pretty. To celebrate our holiday, new paint job and for no reason, we decided to eat at a new restaurant before heading home.

I arrived at the parking lot – he was not there. A bit alarmed, I ran through the shopping center lot looking for our car. Back to the restaurant – even looked inside although he wouldn’t be inside if the car were not there. (Back then we didn’t have cells)

Waited about 1/2 hour and headed home, bewildered and worried.

Walk in and he’s sitting in his chair, calmly reading a book. All smiles and happy to see me. A light tap on my shoulder reminded me to respond with love. I asked him why he didn’t meet me at the restaurant. He was totally confused and didn’t remember our conversation.

Again, no flags went up. Inside, I fumed but thank goodness no words of anger.

The Year 2000

This is the year I believe changes were going on unknown to me (at the time).

In October he did the ceiling in my sitting room but had many excuses before he completed it. Now I believe that it was getting difficult to measure, etc. Of course, I didn’t know at the time.

We spent Christmas in Vancouver staying at Chef’s hotel. (Dec. 23/24/25th)
On arrival, we were visiting with staff and valet service offered to take our car. For a strange reason, he insisted. The bags were taken to our suite. I was so nervous and worried as he was not back. Then he arrived all exhausted – had climbed all the flights of stairs. Said there was no elevator in the garage. As usual, Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I didn’t get upset with him but I was worried for him.

The Year 2001

May 12/01 Bought the lumber for shelves in his den. When they were completed, I realized something was “off” – not his usual perfection but still very nice.

July 2007 Synopsis

(1) Great difficulty with “left” and “right”

(2) Difficulty finding glasses and mugs

(3) Thanked Chef for calling to wish him “happy birthday”

(4) Came out of the bedroom with his pillow – “Am I to sleep in here?” Told him yes. “Why?” He said it looks to good – thought it was for company. Sweet.

(5) Helped me bag up apple prunings but it’s very confusing for him.

(6) Very thoughtful – got the fan and put it on the floor for Buddy – very sweet.

(7) July 19/07 The first time (ever) he was suspicious when I moved some books in the bedroom.